Nutrition & brain injury

After a brain injury, many will leave hospital and enter rehabilitation in a state of malnutrition, meaning that their body has been deprived of the required nutrition – vitamins, minerals, energy and protein to optimise their rehabilitation potential and general health.

A dietitian involved in all stages post brain injury can work with the client, their family, support workers and the larger multidisciplinary team to optimise nutrition for rehabilitation and to prevent the long-term nutritional health consequences of poor nutrition.


Nutritional needs after brain injury

Following a brain injury, people have very individual nutritional and health needs. Nutritional intervention needs to be adapted to their understanding and unique eating behaviours, considering all aspects of their lives to ensure food fits in with their social situation.

Red Pepper Nutrition prides themselves on this unique delivery of individual and creative nutritional education, aimed at engaging and including the individual, their family and support staff in their nutritional care, whilst listening to the important psychological impact that food choices and food control have on their lives.

Nutritional education in brain injury

Red Pepper Nutrition provide nutritional education across the range of brain injury severity and social situations. As dietitians, we will work with you as an individual, a case manager, or as part of a larger multidisciplinary team to provide a package of care to suit you and your situation.