Olivia Done

About Olivia

Olivia has been enjoying working as a Paediatric Dietitian for several years after studying at both the Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Chester for her degree in Human Nutrition and her PdDip in Nutrition and Dietetics. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of paediatrics, dietetics and clinical medicine to the team.

Olivia is currently supporting Red Pepper Nutrition in a paediatric clinical supervision role, assisting with Siân’s current paediatric case load to ensure quality of care.

With her experience of supporting dietitians to nutritionally assess individual clients and running clinics, Olivia is a perfect addition to the team.

Over the next few years, Olivia plans to return to University to complete her dissertation and gain her Msc qualification. She plans to specialise in several areas which are also a focus for Red Pepper Nutrition; brain injury, allergies, diabetes and Ketogenic diets for epilepsy.

Olivia Done
Olivia DonePaediatric Dietitian

As with any clients, we build strong relationships and trust, something Olivia has found to be particularly rewarding during her work with enteral fed children during home visits and clinics. Olivia has also fully embraced e-health during the pandemic, running Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy advice sessions virtually, to continue to support and provide training to parents and peers.

Outside of her paediatric duties, Olivia is a keen cook and baker, so naturally fits right into the team here! She enjoys baking cakes and desserts, as well as preparing varied homecooked meals to keep healthy food interesting. A keen gym goer, Olivia finds that exercise is a key part of life to help with physical and mental health.

Olivia’s interests and values are well aligned to Red Pepper Nutrition and we’re excited to continue to work together and provide support to our clients.

Welcome to the team Olivia!

Please contact admin@redpeppernutrition.com for more information.