I have worked with Red Pepper Nutrition for over 5 years. They are extremely friendly and professional, and provide an individual, tailored approach for each client.

Red Pepper Nutrition have a good understanding of brain injury and clients’ requirements in terms of dealing with people with cognitive issues. They are clear in their communications and give concise instructions. They don’t just provide one solution to everyone, but offer creative dietary options without being ‘preachy’ with clients.

The dietitians at Red Pepper Nutrition are good natured, fun, and approachable. They always make a valuable contribution to multi-disciplinary team meetings, viewing clients in a holistic manner and able to work on joint goals along with the rest of the team. This can involve working on both exercise and food with a client, which can be challenging and require behaviour change when clients see food as a reward for exercising.

Red Pepper Nutrition are a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend them and have done so many times.

physio-matters-logoColin Green, Clinical Director and Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist, Physio Matters

Red Pepper Nutrition are a very friendly and professional company. I have worked with them for over 5 years, and with Siân Riley in particular, and am impressed with their person-centred approach to clients, taking on board their wishes and working towards achieving their goals. They really understand brain injury, so they are able to work with more complex clients.

In multi-disciplinary team meetings, Red Pepper Nutrition very definitely know their stuff. They make a fantastic contribution. They are good at explaining dietetics in layman’s terms to our team, so that we are learning on the job from them as well.

They always try to find a solution if a client has a problem or issue, and are really flexible which is great. They provide a holistic solution and work well with professionals, with parents and at whatever level the client needs.

I’m very happy with the service Siân provides. Communication is never an issue, everything is produced on time and they always come up with new ideas to help our clients.

I would absolutely 100% recommend Red Pepper Nutrition!

I always recommend Red Pepper Nutrition. I have worked with them for over 4 years, mainly with Siân Riley. They really understand our clients and the cognitive and social complexities of brain injury. They see the whole picture and take a holistic approach, working to our clients’ strengths.

I really like the way they think outside the box. They are not constrained by sticking to the rules but have a very flexible approach and will try different ways to help the client.

I find Red Pepper Nutrition are very much team players. They listen to other therapists and professionals, and then work with us to jointly solve the client’s issues and support their goals. They come to meetings armed with lots of information and are good at explaining their goals, such as the need to prevent diabetes or further health problems.

I’m also impressed at the training they provide to support workers, which is crucial as sometimes clients cannot estimate what to eat or reason why they should eat some foods and not others. The dietitians at Red Pepper Nutrition are very good at training support workers in an easy and practical way about how to creatively help their clients comply with the diets they need to follow.

Red Pepper Nutrition are working with one of our clients, a teenage girl with a head injury. Siân has been making great inroads with her, focusing on helping her understand what healthy eating is, about nutrition and eating the right food to support her medical issues. Siân has been very patient and is really helping her and indeed the whole family – even the client’s mother has lost weight after following Siân’s advice.

I enjoy working alongside the dietitians at Red Pepper Nutrition. They form a partnership with the client and are very friendly and easy going, able to adapt themselves to people with different communications abilities.

If you need a dietitian, I would always recommend Red Pepper Nutrition.

LoweSLTLianne Lowe, Speech and Language Therapist, Lianne Carol Lowe (SLT) Ltd

Red Pepper Nutrition are a pleasure to work with. They are excellent communicators and are clearly very knowledgeable and experienced dietitians.

Red Pepper Nutrition work very well with us in multi-disciplinary team meetings. They are good team players, have relevant input into team discussions, and explain what they can do to support our clients. I find them very adaptive to our clients’ needs. They are also good at introducing relevant technology and always make good suggestions.

I would absolutely recommend Red Pepper Nutrition, without hesitation.

sp-therapy-servicesFrancine Collinson, Occupational Therapist, SP Therapy Services

Red Pepper Nutrition are the ‘go to people’ for brain injury clients who have a dietary requirement. We have worked with the dietitians at Red Pepper Nutrition for several years and find them to be very knowledgeable experts. They are very much team players. They seek consultation before they see a client and then listen carefully to the client’s situation before devising quite individual, bespoke solutions to meet their dietary needs.

I find the dietitians at Red Pepper Nutrition very easy to work with. They are open to feedback from clients, family and professionals. They are very good communicators and get across complex ideas to clients and their teams in meetings, so you really know where they are coming from.

Siân has been working with one of our dual diagnosis brain injury and mental health clients and has really helped with her diet. Siân is very knowledgeable and uses lots of information to help the client, but she is also flexible and can change tack as needed to adapt to the client’s needs. Red Pepper Nutrition use the Oviva app to help the client track her meals.
The dietitians at Red Pepper nutrition are clearly experts, but they are also good people to work with too. They are open, adaptable, easy going and work very well with our clients.

Red Pepper Nutrition are leading players in their field in the North West. I recommend them all the time.

Red Pepper Nutrition are the ‘go to people’ for brain injury clients. They listen carefully to the client’s situation before devising quite individual, bespoke solutions to meet their dietary needs.

newby-psychologicalDr Gavin Newby, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Newby Psychological Services Ltd

Red Pepper Nutrition’s strength is their reputation. They are very personable and come highly recommended, not just from one but several colleagues who work in the field of brain injury.

As soon as I asked my contacts about a dietitian with neuro experience, Red Pepper Nutrition’s name came up first. I have found them to be reliable, friendly, and providing a professional service. I never have any problem getting hold of them.

I have worked with Siân Riley who is very good at communicating and easy to work with. I am impressed at the way she is able to build a relationship with the client in a very short space of time, and importantly, build trust too.

Siân has a very good level of knowledge of Acquired Brian Injury and neuro, and of secondary complications, such as diabetes insipidus. She takes a holistic approach which is brilliant for the client. Not only does she look at diet and mindful healthy eating, but she also clearly understands the associated secondary problems and considers how the client can manage these as well.

I have found Siân’s input into multi-disciplinary team meetings to be invaluable, and she works really well with the Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists and Physiotherapists involved in a client’s treatment. Both the client and their parents cannot speak more highly of Siân and the help she has provided.

I have already recommended Red Pepper Nutrition to other colleagues, and I would be very happy to work with them in future.

a-chance-for-lifeLisa Thompson, Case Manager and Occupational Therapist, A Chance for Life