Communication is key in the work which Red Pepper Nutrition undertakes. We work with a variety of clients who have different needs, abilities, and communication skills. As such we often need to adapt our own communication methods to ensure we’re effectively supporting our clients.

The events of last year have allowed us to embrace new methods of working with clients, incorporating E-Health into our day-to-day client support. We were interested in finding other ways to improve the way we were communicating with our clients and at the start of the year came across Communication Access UK (CAUK).

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CAUK supports inclusive communication for everyone by helping organisations with free training and standards to become Communication Accessible accredited, so our clients and case managers can work with us, confident in the knowledge that we prioritise effective communication.

We began looking into Communication Access in more detail because although E-Health has broadened the scope to work with clients further afield, there is a difference in speaking online than face to face. Many of our clients who have experienced a head or brain injury experience some form of communication difficulty, whether that’s difficulty with speech or processing information and answering or asking questions.

It was important for RPN to be able to put standards in place to ensure clients not only had the means to speak with and hear us during sessions, but that they could understand us too. Part of the training focused on the TALK analogy, which stands for Time, Ask, Listen, Keep Trying, which is something RPN has incorporated when working with clients, to help them better express their thoughts, needs and feelings.

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We are an inclusive organisation and are delighted to be able to further demonstrate this with our Communication Access Symbol and accreditation. This in turn helps to raise further awareness of the need for organisations to understand and provide accessible communication practices and improves the quality of life of those we work with who are experiencing communication difficulties.

As part of our ongoing involvement with CAUK, Red Pepper Nutrition will be regularly auditing and reviewing the information we share both online or with clients and case managers to ensure it is accessible to all. We’ll also be sure to incorporate both client and health care professionals’ feedback into our communication strategy moving forward.

Completing the training has already spurred Red Pepper Nutrition on to thinking of the different forms of communication we can embrace, from verbal to written. From using systems for clients such as Practice Better to raising awareness in other forms of our communication such as blog posts and podcasts or webinars.

Communication Access UK

The Communication Access UK initiative is led by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and has been developed by charities and organisations such as Communication Matters, Headway and The Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Red Pepper Nutrition is delighted to be speaking with Helen and Jan from The Brainy Speech and Language therapists podcast about how health professionals can work together with Speech and Language Therapists to improve our communication skills and effectiveness. Stayed tuned to find out more…

To find out more about those involved and how your business can complete the free Communication Access training package to better serve your team, associates, and clients, click here.

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